Electric Men Pump


The electronic penis amplifier has quite simple working principle to amplify the penis, which is via the vacuum pump to extract the air in the sleeve and produce the negative pressure,as a result, the penis will be drawn and pulled.

The produced pressure can have an effect on each muscle in the sponge structure of penis.

It can exercise the penis as well as lengthen and thicken the penis.

The sleeve of this product is of food-degree shock resistant property as well as anti-cracking function, which is quite safe and durable.

When you use it, you need to press the function key,and then it can automatically extract and release air.In the whole process it is electronically controlled and your hands are liberated.


If it is too quick to extract air, penis will pain or feel unwell.Then please press the “M-” key until the air extracting key is turned off.Or you can press the “Valve” key(to release air) to adjust it to the comfortable state.If during the exercise of penis the pressure is lost too fast, please check whether penis and soft rubber sleeve are closely combined or you can press the “M+” key to continue extracting air and reach the suitable state.


Material: ABS + TPE + PC transparent sleeve

Power: USB charging

Size: 12.5 * 3 inch

Weight: 450g

Noise: Less than 40db

Package Includes:

1 * Penis pump

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